Miss Lotte’s Society News
August 1, 1813

Well met, my faithful reader! To those of you who loyally read my weekly column (and shame on you if you do not,) you’ll know that I’ve been teasing a grand announcement for the end of The Season. And at last, it is time to reveal the salacious news!

This author has it on good authority that Their Graces, the Duke and Duchess of Fortingall, are to host their annual gala at Hartwood the weekend of September 23rd!

For those of you who are unfortunately unfamiliar with the Fortingalls or with Hartwood, allow me to enlighten you about what is sure to be on everyone’s lips for the next few weeks. Every year, the Duke and Duchess host a grand soiree at their ancestral estate to celebrate the end of The Season. But unlike so many members of the ton, who surround themselves with sycophants and other tragically boring figures, the Duke and Duchess have always invited the select few they deem the most fascinating of the London season. They do this without regard to social status, meaning that a Viscountess might very well be dining next to a blacksmith, and a penniless poet may waltz with a prince. Unconventional? Certainly. But thrilling? Always.

It goes without saying that the invitation to Hartwood is much coveted among all levels of society, and is as exclusive as it comes. But I must warn you, there is a price to pay if you are fortunate enough to receive an invitation. Every year, fortunes are won and lost, reputations built and shredded, and alliances formed and broken at the weekend event. And in a Season such as the one we’ve had this year, which has been so utterly devoid of scandal and drama, can there be any doubt that the happenings of Hartwood will be anything but unforgettable?

The Larp's Story

The scenario is set during the Regency period, at the end of The Season—the few spring and summer months when many of England’s elite came to London to see and be seen by their peers. Our game serves as the “finale” for the social year, in that it is the characters’ last chance to settle their affairs and achieve their goals before returning to their country estates until next spring.

The Duke and Duchess of Fortingall, two powerful members of the ton, have invited 40-50 people to Hartwood, their lavish country estate, for their annual ball. The invitation to Hartwood is coveted by many; the Duke and Duchess have a reputation for inviting the most interesting people to their annual event, no matter their social status. Because of the unusually varied crowd, the Fortingalls’ ball is famous for creating the most delicious gossip and scandals. Reputations and fortunes have been gained and lost within its walls, and powerful alliances have found their footing on the ballroom floor.
Over the course of the weekend, invited guests will gossip, flirt, settle old scores, and do whatever else it takes for them to have their happy endings before The Season is done.

What's included in the Larp

The larp will take place in Austin, TX from September 23-25, 2022.
Included in the ticket price you get:

  • Participation in a Nordic style, regency romance larp.
  • Food both days - full dinner and afternoon tea.
  • 3-4 pages in-depth character written with full background story, goals, relations, alliances, and surprises.
  • Afterparty Saturday night at the event site.
  • Pre-game group and workshop to get you ready for the larp.
  • Photos from the event in general.

Lodging is not included, as we want to give our players options to choose the setup that is best for them in Austin, with it's many possibilites. We will however make arrangements with a nearby hotel for preferrential group rates that players can book as they desire.

The Location

The game will take place at the fictional Hartwood estate, which the Caswell House in Austin, TX will be a substitute for. The building is a turn of the century house, in two stories, which has everything needed for the annual galla for the Duke and Dutchess. The house has room enough for formal dinner, dancing, and not least gossiping and socializing in the corners.

More information

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, or find more info on our Facebook page, or the Hartwood design doc, both linked below.