As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls is our Vampire the Masquerade V5 larp.

With the Second Inquisition burning kindred across the globe and hunters mustering on the borders of multiple American cities, the Camarilla sets a desperate plan in motion. Determined to draw a line in the sand, the sect’s luminaries summon you to choose the fate and future of the Ivory Tower. You must decide who lives and who dies, knowing what it could mean for your city, your family, and those with whom you share your nights. You thought you had an eternity together, but as dusk falls, this may be your last goodbye.

As Dusk Falls is a larp about personal decisions, as well as the conflicts that come from what the Camarilla needs, what your clan desires, and what you personally feel you must do in your unlife.

In our setting the Second Inquisition has steadily been taking over North America, and many kindred have meet their final death. The Camarilla has been pushed back to near their breaking point, and can see that if they do not take a stand they will eventually lose everything. Determining how to handle those challenges – and live with the consequences will be a key part of the experience. 

With this event, we aim to create a personal and unique larp set in the modern-day V5 setting which deals with many of the core themes from this edition.

We want to reclaim vampire as a good, safe, and engaging setting to tell powerful and collaborative stories in, that have easy rules which support the experience, high player agency, and not least a story with character consequences that are engaging and feel like they matter. 

We want to make the experience easy to take part in for both new and experienced vampire players, and we aim to make the setting a feature that supports the story rather than a barrier to overcome. Making lore, rules, and core concepts accessible to players new to larp or the setting are important for us. 

We’re working to make a story that captures the things that are best about Vampire the Masquerade: loss of humanity, impactful hard choices, fighting overwhelming odds, being a sensual and powerful being, and not least telling strong personal stories.

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