Two runs, Easter 2023

Daemon - A human connection experience

A vintage-style larp inspired by His Dark Materials

Daemon - A human connection experience

The Authority – this world’s God – is dead. He has been killed by bold and visionary people, including some of you. Others of you were on his side. You will play scholars, low nobility, scientists, nomads, people formerly of The Church, or people identifying as witches to celebrate the victory, mourn your losses, and explore the possibilities under the new world order. Soldiers are returning from the war on The Authority, and the world has sunk into a state of disillusionment for some and euphoria for others. Imagine the divine entity that was as natural a part of your life as breathing the air around you – gone.

Some of you helped bring down the frail, pathetic being holding humanity in his grasp with false teachings and zealots doing his bidding. The Magisterium, the harsh church of The Authority, is no longer and you will be forced (more or less willingly) to question all its teachings. But now, another problem has occurred. The Magisterium dropped bombs filled with powder many places in the country as a last, desperate act. Some scientific instruments are measuring strange phenomena and there are rumors that the power affects the bond between human and Daemon. Therefore, Parliament has asked some of you to come to the Blackett estate and remain there until further notice so they can ensure everything is alright. There is probably nothing to worry about, so you have all accepted the invitation and have come to investigate.

Lady Philippa Blackett has welcomed everybody with open arms since she had already planned a marvelous weekend to celebrate the war heroes. Her brother Lord Edward was an officer that was killed in the war, and she is overjoyed to offer a free space to look into matters never previously investigated. She has also insisted that you celebrate the victory of science and free will with some of the returning war heroes. They will certainly need help processing the horrors of the war, and perhaps their own actions, so a little party should be a good start to help with that. Also, there is a sense of ecstasy amongst those of you who are ready to enjoy a new regime, toast to the fallen, and have important discussions regarding the new world order.

So, you have accepted the invitation for different reasons.

Some of you seek conciliation.
Some come to seek answers.
And some come to start a new world.

The Larp and The Experience

This larp was initially designed and run in Denmark by Katrine Wind, and Narrators Inc. We are fortunate to have been able to license this larp, and are thrilled to announce that Katrine will be joining us in Austin, TX, for both runs.

The larp is set in a world inspired by the trilogy of novels “His Dark Materials” by Phillip Pullman. The setting for the larp is an interpretation of what could happen after the author’s trilogy ended, and the storylines in the material is not important to this larp, so mostly it is the human-Daemon connection that is the important concept to understand.

“Daemon” is designed to be an experience where you don’t need to remember an abundance of historial or setting material to participate – all relevant information and background can be found on this website – so no need to know the details of the original novels. The larp itself is all about the emotional connections between humans, their daemons and their peers. You will sign up in pairs where one plays the human and the other their Daemon.

The themes of the larp are free will, desires, existentialism, human connection, the meaning of (what the church described as) “loss of innocence”, disillusionment, morality and the nature of the human soul.

As the game is about exploring a close connection between the human and daemon it will be required to sign up in pairs. And you're expected to not go more than 10 ft from your play partner at any time during the game.

The game will be heavily focused on collaborative storytelling, player agency, deep characters, drama, and a "play to lift" philosophy. The experience will be centered a lot on interpersonal play, play on emotions between you and your daemon, discussions and interactions with other players. You should not expect a large overarching plot, many NPCs or designer driven events at this game. Nor are we aiming for a hectic environment. This game is all about slow interpersonal play.

The minimum age to participate will be 21 years.

What is included in the larp?

In the standard tickets price you get:

  • Participation in a larp imported from Europe, with the orginal creator in attendance.

  • Rules light consent based game system which supports player agency and decision making.

  • Fully catered meals for dinner and snacks with coffee and tea service.

  • 4-6 pages in-depth character written with full background story, goals, relations, alliances, and surprises.

  • A social hour Friday evening, and afterparty Saturday night in the hotel bar.

  • Pre-game workshop to get you ready for the larp.

  • Photo session from the event.


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, or find more info in the design document below, on our Facebook page, from our general policies all linked below.