Two runs, Easter 2023

Daemon - A human connection experience

A vintage-style larp inspired by His Dark Materials

Practical info

When and where

The game will take place in two runs, each with 14 pairs of players, 28 in total per run. This means that there is only 56 places in total!

The dates will be Friday March 31 - Saturday April 1, 2023 for the first run, and Friday April 7 – Saturday April 8, 2023 for the 2nd run. This is the weekend before Easter, and Easter weekend.

A detailed schedule will be released closer to the event, but check-in and workshops will start in the early afternoon on Friday. Dinner and the game will start early Friday evening with play the rest of the day. Afterwards, participants are welcome to relax in the hotel bar.
Saturday morning game will start around 11 am, and we will likely play until 11 pm Saturday night. Once the game is complete Saturday evening, we will gather in the hotel bar for chance to share all the secrets and events with each other and enjoy one another’s company.


The cost for the whole event will be 640 USD plus taxes (about 50 USD) per person, and will cover the full participation, food (dinner, tea, and snacks), characters, and everything else mentioned below and on the website. Sponsored tickets will be 540 USD plus taxes per person.
For those assigned a spot, the initial non-refundable downpayment will be due shortly after you are offered a spot, approximately mid October.

We will offer payment plans, with payments split over 4 payments - a deposit and three following ones.

In the price you get:

  • Participation in a larp imported from Europe, with the orginal creator in attendance.

  • Rules light consent based game system which supports player agency and decision making.

  • Fully catered meals for dinner and snacks with coffee and tea service.

  • 4-6 pages in-depth character written with full background story, goals, relations, alliances, and surprises.

  • A social hour Friday evening, and afterparty Saturday night in the hotel bar.

  • Pre-game workshop to get you ready for the larp.

  • Photo session from the event.

Signing up in pairs

The core experience in this larp is the human-daemon interactions and link, and because of this the human and daemon player in a couple are expected to sign up together. They will also receive the same character sheet as their knowledge and experience is completely transparent – sharing each other’s thoughts has its perks!

They way this in practice will work is that each player fills out the application themselves, but must list who they are signing up with at that point in time.

We know that many people don't have an easy choice for larp partner, and that it can be very straining to find someone to go with. We recommend that you do this yourself, since it requires a lot of trust. A post will be made on the interest group that will help facilitate finding partners.

If one of the pair has to cancel, the whole couple will have to unless another partner that is not flagged by the other players can be found for the remaining player.

Food and Lodging

The larp will be hosted as the Caswell House in downtown Austin, and we will arrange for a room block at a nearby hotels. Previously this has cost about 200-240 per room per night, ad people are free to find alternative options. Participants are also welcome to arrive early and stay late, and we will negotiate a special rate with the hotel for people who wish to arrive on Friday and stay through Sunday night.

Dinner both days, as well as a tea service and snack will be included, as well as water, ice tea, coffee etc.

For our participants with disabilities it is our intention to be able to accomodate all of them, if at all possible. The venue is fully ADA compliant, and we do not believe the setting would create any issues that we cannot work around. If you are interested in attending and have a concern, please get in touch with us about your specific needs, and we will see what can be done.


For this event we will only be selling one type of ticket. Journeys & Tales do not believe in letting our participants pay to get access to more content or more prestigious roles, and it is our policy that every single character and participant should have the same high level experience.

We will also offer sponsored tickets, at the cost of 540 USD plus taxes per person. We will also have the option to help others out by being a patron.

The minimum age to participate will be 21 years due to the nature of the game, and the access to alchohol on the premise.

The Design Team

The creator

Daemon is a larp created by Katrine Wind, and initially run twice in Denmark.

Katrine has earlier created and run the larp Spoils of War, as well as numerous other larps in Danish. Her focus as a larp designer and game runner over the last 15 years has mainly been on interpersonal drama and relations, deep world-building, as well as positive and cohesive management of crew and staff at the events.

Katrine has also created most of the workshops surrounding the Daemon experience, and she will be present and facilitating them at the US runs. Outside Larp, Katrine has a political science background and works with project management in the analysis industry.

For Daemon’s US runs we are fortunate to have Katrine coming over and facilitating the game, and we look forward to her guidance and assistance on both runs.

The Producers

Journeys & Tales is a larp production company created to facilitate Nordic Style larps run in the US. We strive to create events with with a keen emphasis on adventure, excitement, and commitment, all of which are outlined in our Vision Statement.

J&T primarily consist of the husband and wife team of Meredith and Christian, but regularly bring in various staff, helpers, and creative consultants in both the idea generation, design, and execution phase of our events.
Read more about us on the about section of our website.


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, or find more info on our Facebook page, or the Daemon design doc, both linked below.