Who we are

Christian M. Christensen

Christian has been active in the larp community for over 20 years. He started his journey into roleplaying with tabletop games, but quickly transitioned into the world of larp and the Danish congress tradition. His early exploits were centered around participating in a number of different scenarios in Denmark, England, and the European scene. He later co-created and ran his first event back in 1999 with the production of the Vampire larps “The Veils of Intrigue I & II.”

These scenarios were followed up with more adventures into the Vampire setting through the critically acclaimed “Nightlife” trilogy which ran over a two-year period, and pushed the boundaries on simplified rules design, and campaign play within the genre in Denmark.

Christian has also designed scenarios aimed at the congress scene, initially as part of the group organizing “Do You Come Here Often?” for Fastaval 2000 and later “Surrounded” for Fastaval 2005. The latter won the audience award, “The Otto” as best larp scenario on the convention that year.

In Journeys and Tales Christian’s primary focus is on structural and organizational design of the events. He’s highly involved in the process of bringing our ideas to life, and guides most of the development and design creation.

Meredith Christensen

Meredith is the driving artistic force behind J&T. She functions as our primary writer and content creator, and is the lead on story, faction, and background designs behind all of our events.

She has a Masters Degree in history and has been a storyteller as long as she can remember, whether it be within a historical or romantic setting, or a more scholarly and modern approach. She finds joy from creating a deep background for the stories we tell, and ensures that our tales are interwoven on a deep level so that all interactions and storylines come together as a whole.

Throughout her life, Meredith has been involved in costume and prop design, and brings her expertise of different time periods, setting creation, and attire into any event that Journeys and Tales creates.

Once she began larping, Meredith was quickly bitten by the bug, and enjoys bringing the quiet contemplation and subtle plotting of a character into life in the events she participates in.