Seraph is a Nordic Style, mechanics light, occult thriller larp for 24 participants and 2 guaranteed reserves that explores the topics of loss, desire, and how far people are willing to go to obtain what they want the most. It will be a personal, Type 2 experience focusing on deeply interconnected roleplay and giving players an intense, emotional game that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a happy ending. 

All characters crave something they cannot obtain. Some have lost a loved one, some have given up on a cherished dream, and others are consumed by longing. In desperation, they have turned to the occult and spent the last 12-15 months in an online esoteric study group led by a man named Gabriel, who has the power to give them a chance to have what they desperately want.

After working for so long at a distance, everyone has gathered at Gabriel’s retreat to meet in person and to summon a mighty angel named Sedael, Holder of Keys.  They will try to prove themselves worthy to Sedael, and if they do, they will receive a key that will allow them to achieve their heart’s desire.  Gabriel has warned them not everyone succeeds in proving their worth and that Sedael may demand more from them than they are willing to give up.

Before the weekend ends, characters must answer several difficult questions, and Sedael grants them the opportunity to earn their key:

How far are you willing to go to obtain what you desire? 

What are you ready to give up in exchange?

Is any cost too great to stop you when you’re so close?

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