Our Tales

Journeys & Tales work with a variety of larp genres, sizes, and stories. We have several ideas in the works, and will update this page as they mature and become actual events.  Additionally, we will keep an overview here of what we have run in the past and whether or not we have plans to run it again.

For now we welcome you to take a look at our Vision Statement, which outlines the guiding principles behind everything we produce.

We generally design games and scenarios that are very light on rules, high on consent mechanisms and player agency, and deep in the storytelling. However we tailor all mechanics to the specific game, so they may vary from time to time.

All of our tales are based on the Nordic approach of Play to Lift, where the most important part of any larp is the aspect of communal storytelling. We want our players to be the main person in their own story, but at the same time have the mindset of ensuring that everyone jointly creates the best story for all.

Larp and storytelling are not cake! There’s plenty for all, and it only gets better when we share it!