Regency Romance is

As a genre, Regency Romance has been made famous by the works of Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and most recently, Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series. They are filled with longing glances across crowded rooms, forbidden love, and tense banter on the dance floor. Of course, it’s not all beautiful gowns and elegant balls. There’s scandal, fortune-hunters, and the risk of making choices that one cannot undo at every turn.
In these stories, the road to love never runs smoothly, and twists and turns keep the characters on their toes until the end.

Our goal for this larp is for people to live in Regency England for a weekend and enjoy a party that has the romance of Jane Austen, the passion of Bridgerton, the humor of Pride and Predjudice, and the twisting drama of Grey’s Anatomy. It is what many larpers would call a “Type 1” scenario, in that it is meant to suspend belief.

Gender and Sexual Identity

Characters of all sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome at Hartwood, and same-sex couples and gender non-conforming characters will not be considered as out of the ordinary. Characters may identify as non-binary. or transgender, and there will be no plot lines that deal with characters being “outed” or ostracized for their identity in any way.

We also welcome any player that wishes to portray a gender other than their own as part of their roleplay and role selection.


The setting of the Hartwood event is the final soirée of the season, the last chance to make an impression and be seen by the greater ton. As such players should feel free to dress in semi-formal to formal attire for the entire event. The ball on Saturday evening should be taken as an opportunity for their characters to “pull out all the stops” and make an impression on the ton that will last well into next season.

Plainly put; we recommend period appropriate semi-formal attire for Friday and Saturday day, and period appropriate formal attire for the ball on Saturday evening. All in accordance to what players believe best fits their character, of course.

“Period Appropriate” - Hartwood is a Regency inspired LARP, so we recommend that players wear costuming in the style of fashions popular in England between 1795-1820.
“Semi-formal”: Semi-formal would be closest to the Regency concept of “half-dress”. Less elaborate trims and accessories, perhaps less delicate fabrics, and more variety in aesthetics, but still in formal silhouettes.
Some good terms to search: “regency half dress”, “regency walking attire”, “regency afternoon attire”, and “regency morning dress”. “Formal”: Formal equates to the Regency concept of “full dress”. This is the time to go all out. Rich fabrics and intricate trims, elaborate and plentiful accessories, and delicately coiffed hairstyles (up-dos for long hair, and slicked back for short) are all hallmarks of “full dress.”
Some good terms to search: “regency full dress”, “regency ball attire”, “regency evening wear”, and “regency court dress”.